SensiMedia SMXL is a test kit to test a sample such as liquid of 100ml, powder or larger pieces. The kit is also used for an enhancement culture.

SensiMedia SMXL Series

SensiMedia (SMXL) Test Kit for sample of 100ml, powder or solid pieces

SensiMedia SMXL Microbiological Test KitSensiMedia SMXL Microbiological Test Kit


SensiMedia SMXL is a microbiological test kit to test large amount of sample such as 100ml or 250ml or to test larger solid piece.


It is also suitable to test the presence of coliform in 100ml of water.


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Product Name


Sterility Test




Coliform (Butter, Margarine etc.)





* Performance of test kit may be improved without notice.

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SensiMedia SM is a microbiological test kit that contains liquid culture media and a CO2 sensor inside. It is designed to take 1ml of sample.
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