Agar media is formulated and evaluated by MicroBio µ3D and liquid media is optimized and evaluated by Biomatic VDCS.

Fine culture media

Fine Culture Media (Agar media, Liquid media, Dehydrated media, etc.)

culture media

Performace Report


We provide culture media tuned for detecting target microbes. Our media were developed by using our automated MicroBio systems that provide media performance graph.



  • Our media are scientifically formulated.
  • Using MicroBio systems, precise quality control tests are performed on culture media products.
  • Media performance graph is attached to the QC test report of each lot.



Fine culture media [Page List]

PPM Prepared plated agar media

prepared,agar cultrue media, We provide prepared plated agar media that have the performance data with plate image and colony count graph attached.Catalog No.[Procedure (pdf )]Pro...

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DCM Dehydrated culture media

dehydrated,clture media,agar agar culture media, Catalog No. [Procedure (pdf)]Product NameDCM001Salmonella Agar MediaDCM003Lactobacillus Agar MediaDCM003-200Lactobacillus Agar MediaDCM006Lactobacillu...

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LCM Liquid culture media

liquid culture media,lactose,salmonella, Catlog No.[Procedure (pdf)]Product NameLCM001Brain Hart Infusion Broth (BHI)LCM002-8Lactobacillus hiochii Broth (alcohol 8%)LCM002-10Lactobacillus hio...

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Anaerobic conditioning kit

anaerobic,agar plate,rapid,anaerobe,detrection, Each plate can be set up for anaerobic cultivation. Full automated anaerobic microbial detection can be performed by MicroBio µ3D.Anaerobic and aerobi...

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