Automatingl Standard Culture Method

Automating Standard Culture Method

Automating Global Standard Culture Method

The automated microbiological test systems that MicroBio provides, detect and catch microorganisms alive, using agar media or liquid media as disposable sensor, with capability of fast real-time detection and precise enumeration, achieved by automating the standard culture method. They are also calpable of real-time alerting and remote controlling.


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Benefit of MicroBio system
MicroBio microbiological test systems are fully automated, rapid, easy-to-use, reliable, real-time, remote controllable system to work on microbial detection.
MicroBio Total system
Qualitative Analysis system is Biomatic VDCS with SensiMedia. Quantitative Analysis system is MicroBioμ3D and Culture media. They are creating a large total system to work on rapid detection and precise analysis of live microbes.
Microbiological Test in Numerical Value
With MicroBio microbiological test system, the growth of microorganisms can be expressed in a graph.

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