SensiMedia test methodology is for qualitative analysis and the degree of microbial growth can be express in a graph by the method.

SensiMedia microbiological test methodology

SensiMedia Microbiological Test Methodology

SensiMedia microbiologicao test kit

Stand alone Kit

SensiMedia microbiological test methodology is based on the CO2 detection sensor technology.
It was developed to detect even single live microorganism without using any equipment for achieving the following objectives.

  • Easy-to-use !
  • Single live microorganism in a sample can be detected.
  • More contaminated, Faster to be detected.
  • Performance and repeatability of detection kit is rliable.
  • Stand alone Test Kit ! (No Equipment required)
  • An equipment is for automating detection and making a real time detection possible.
  • The pH of a sample does not affect the detection.
  • Color of a sample does not affect the detection.
  • Kit should be enclosed type so that it is safe to detect live harmful microbes.

SensiMedia microbiological test methodology was invented by the company’s founder, Dr. Hiroyuki Ogawa, Ph.D. SensiMedia is only microbial test kit for faster detection of microbial contamination without using equipment. Biomatic VDCS is provided for fully automating detection.


Principle of Operation (CO2 sensor)

One of traditional microbial detection methods is to detect CO2 gas produced by growing microorganisms while incubating sample added liquid culure media.


SensiMedia is a microbiological test kit that is a sterilized test tube containing liquid culture media and a CO2 sensor inside. The sensor catches CO2 produced by microbe and when the catched amount of CO2 reaches to a certain amount, the sensor turns the color from blue to yellow. The timing coincides with microbe logarithmic growth stage and color change occurs rather quickly within one hour or so. Considering incubation time span as 24hr, the state change can be treated as digital response.




Microbial growth time measurement by Biomatic VDCS

The sensor of SensiMedia is blue at first. When it detects the presence of microbe, the sensor turns into yellow. Althogh the sensor itself does the detection, Biomatic VDCS incubates SensiMedia while monitoring the sensor of SensiMedia every 5 minutes to decide whether the kit detected microbe or not, measuring a time from the begning of test untill the time microbe is detected.


Time measuremeht


Logarithmic scale graph of microorganism growth time

Prepare SensiMedia series inoculated by 1ml each from E. coli dilution series. Then measure the detection time for each diluted sample. Draw the regression line for each detection time on a logarithmic scale graph as shown below. This is one of methods to obtain the degree of microbial growthi in graphical form, for an example. The graph is normalized by obtaining the real microbial quqntity in the same sample.


Eng E coli dilution series


More number of microbe in a SensiMedia, ealier the detection time.

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