MicroBio corporation is a manufacuturer of rapid microbiological test system , rapid microbial detection kit and fine culture media.


MicroBio Corporation

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MicroBio is a biotechnology company, working on "culture method" in microbiology field and specializing in microbial detection tools and systems.


We had been trying to express microbial culturing in numerical value and successfully developed our patented SensiMedia and digital Biomatic tehchnologies that fully automate the traditional standard method that uses liquid or agar media for microbial detection, achieving the most reliable, rapid and accurate detection for the first time in the world.


When our system is used, not only various microorganisms can be detected but also the growth can be expressed in a graph and treated as a performance characteristic just like the performance of a semiconductor device. Our system is also able to culture anaerobes just like aerobic microorganisms even at higher temperature so that the traditional method became all-round method for the most reliable rapid detection. Our automated culturing systems are computerized so that they are fully automated and capable of real time monitoring, alerting and remote controlling.


Our systems are used for quality control test at plant in industry, for research work at colleges or research centers and for developing products at microbial related manufacturers. SensiMedia and Biomatic technologies are also well suited for the study of plant and mammalian cell culturing dynamics.


At MicroBio, we are working hard to improve quality-of-life through improvements in the field of microbial and tissue culture. We are committed to advancing our unique cutting-edge technologies to drive those improvements.


Hiroyuki Ogawa, Ph.D.
Chairman, CEO and President

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MicroBio Corporation

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ICR Building
6-6-3 Minamiyoshimari, Aoba-ku
Sendai, Miyagi-ken 989-3204, Japan

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No.2 Shinyo Building
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Jan.22, 1999

CEO and President

Hiroyuki Ogawa

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