Liquid media performance evaluation method

Evaluation method of liquid culture media

Evaluation method of liquid culture media

The SensiMedia microbiological test methodology made possible to express the microbial growth in a liquid culture media into a graph, meaning that the degree of microbial growth was expressed in numerical value and was visualized, related to the incubation time.


When a standard species strain is used as the test standard, the performance of liquid media can be evaluated by measuring the detection time of dilution series. For example, the figure below shows the performance of liquid media for E. coli. Each regression graph is normalized by the colony count provided by MicroBio µ3D.




The performance of every liquid media used for SensiMedia was evaluated by this way and the liquid media was developed for particular purpose. Coliform detection, for example, we provide several types of SensiMedia.


How to collect data on liquid media

  1. Add 4ml of liquid media to a SensiMedia Blank (SM000).
  2. Prepare dilution series for the specified standard species.
  3. Add 1ml of each dilution sample of standard to a SensiMedia that contains 4ml of liquid media under test.
  4. Start a test for the dilution series and obtain the detection time.
  5. Using MicroBio µ3D, obtain exact colony count for a sample that is assumed to be about 10^2.
  6. Normalize every graph by shifting the regression line, using the exact colony count.

* It is easier for you to collect detection time data if Biomatic VDCS is uesed.


At our SensiMedia production line, perofrmance of liquid media of each lot is evaluated by this way for QC purpose.

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